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"Sophia is a natural at capturing beautiful moments! She took the most amazing pictures of my son Jaxson's 1st birthday. If it hadn't been for her amazing talent, I wouldn't have any precious memories from that day captured in photos! Thanks Sophia! Your passion for photography is so reverent." -Kashema Newland 

"Sophia was great with my kids. A lot of laughter went on. She had great ideas and was open to mine as well." -Natasha Anderson

"We have grabbed several GROUPONS for family portraits in the past couple years and so have had the opportunity to interact with multiple professional photographers. We've been repeat customers of a couple, but being a client you start to see patterns and commonalities, you start to be able to see what makes each on tick, and you van even get a feel for whether each one truly loves the work they are doing. What struck me about Sophia while we were working with her was her deep compassion and wanting to make a personal connection. It was very clear that this personal connection was very important to her. And it made a big difference in how my family (read: kids) responded to her. She is the first photographer to have called us for an extended check-in prior to the shoot, as well as the first to suggest we wear "comfortable" clothes so we still look like "us"--something that seems so obvious but I had never specifically considered myself in past shoots. Her personal touch is ALL OVER the place and it was so clear to us that no only does she care deeply about her craft, but she also cares deeply for her clients. Another thing I LOVE is more a stylistic preference: rather than setting up moments ("OK, now do this cute thing and I'll photograph it" which is totally fine and can yield some pretty adorable shots!!!!) Sophia sat back between poses and captured my kids being exactly who they are. And the posed shots are also gorgeous & well-chosen, too. Clearly I could go on about this photographer but I'll stop. She is a gem among her competition! -Katie Carbajal

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