When he said I love you....February 12th 2010

My favorite photo of my love & me... Circa : March 30 2010

My favorite photo of my love & me... Circa : March 30 2010

Valentine's Day is Tuesday... And it's got me reminiscing.

Over the weekend I realized that seven years ago today my husband told me that he loved me for the very first time.

We weren't even dating yet.

We had been tenderly & respectfully nurturing a friendship --though we both were attracted to each other. Our friends could all see what we felt...and I think we both somewhat knew how strongly we felt for each other. But it was in this moment-him sitting across from me at a Starbucks on 5th & G, that it was put into words. 

"Sophia, I love you & I'm not letting you go."

I had tears falling down my face.

I couldn't believe that this man who I respected more than any man in the history of my life was saying these words to me. These words that deep down I had been longing for him to say.

He knew me. He knew the mess that was happening in my life & his response to all of this was

"I love you"

He pursued me. Called me out. And with strong resolute promised a deep love. 

This was who he was, and it's still who he is to this day. With all the ups & downs that life has brought us. His commitment has stayed true to this love.

Randy... I love you. Thank you for saying it first.