Jose + Magdalena | A Proposal Story | La Jolla Cove, La Jolla CA

You guys.... I still can't get over these two and their love for each other! Proposals are kind of my favorite; Ok ok, let's be real - ANYTHING love story related is my fave ;). But these two are not only the cutest couple ever, but the sweetness between them! Mhm. It hits my heart so good. 


Jose contacted me around a month before the proposal asking me to be a part of it. He already planned everything out and was coordinating it all with Magda's friend Nicole (best friend ever!). He and I planned the logistics over the phone since he was traveling from out town, and we met only 20 minutes before go time :D. I positioned him in the perfect spot and got in my position as we both waited for Magda to arrive. Soon, we saw her! Teary-eyed and thoroughly surprised as she walked toward the love of her life. They greeted each other with the sweetest smiles and soon Jose dropped to his knee, pulled out the ring he picked just for her and asked her to become his wife.... She said yes! And it was BEST!!! I joined Magda in a shedding a few happy tears behind my camera. I came out from my hiding place to join their friends in some joyful cheering. 

La-jolla-cove-proposal-chicago-natives-san-diego-sunset-golden-hour-love-story-engaged-alligator-head (83 of 158).jpg

It was an honor to be one of the first people to celebrate their engagement & to be the person Jose trusted to capture this moment. It was effortless for me to capture their love for each other as we spent the next 30 minutes together for some golden hour portraits. I don't like to pose my clients during these milestones, instead I like to stand back and disappear... given little direction throughout the time. When I went back through their session to edit, so many emotions bubbled over! I could not believe (and still can't) how beautiful this moment was! It was sweet and simple, and it allowed for such rich authentic emotion to shine through...



Jose & Magda- Thank you both SO much for letting me be there with you. Congratulations you two. 


Warm Hugs,