Brock & Keahi | Anniversary Session at Gliderpoint, Torrey Pines La Jolla, Ca.

Brock & Keahi - Hastaloha

Oh you guys I love these two soooo much... I love getting to tell the stories of my friends & these two are something special. 

That's why I am so excited to get these up on the blog to share with you today.


I have had the honor of walking side by side with these two lovely humans for the last 7 years! We have shared in good & bad times together in life, relationships, marriage & family. It seemed without our knowing it our lives were being interwoven and a natural progression happened from friendship to family. When you're married one of the greatest joys is having friends who you and your spouse are both friends with... Randy & I realized just how much these two meant to us when we had to make the decision of who we trusted to be Aria's Godparents. It took one conversation and we both said their names without any prompting.  


We were there with them on their joy-filled wedding day (Aria was in my belly as I danced the night away) and over the last two years they have been such an intricate in our life. Authentic connection; our connection them has been a rare and extravagant gift.

I've watched their love story blossom and grow over these years. I've seen them stretched further than they thought possible, and been witness to how rich they have become in love. One of the things that stands out to me when I think about their love for each other is how I have seen them call out the very best in each other. It has been absolutely beautiful to witness. Not only that but they are FUN. SO FUN!!!! Their affinity for Disney (which we share with them),  has kept them child-like & ready for adventure... and now these two have set out on an adventure across the ocean. 

la-jolla-glider-point-torrey-pines-anniversary-session-true-loves-kiss-san-diego-photographer-sophia-elizabeth (14 of 181).jpg
la-jolla-glider-point-torrey-pines-anniversary-session-true-loves-kiss-san-diego-photographer-sophia-elizabeth (35 of 181).jpg
la-jolla-glider-point-torrey-pines-anniversary-session-true-loves-kiss-san-diego-photographer-sophia-elizabeth (43 of 181).jpg

They have set out to make the islands of Hawaii their new home. 

- We already miss them terribly... but how can we not be happy for them. It's Hawaii -

Guys... seriously... Hawaii has just become even more beautiful because it's gained these two. I am absolutely confident that their love for each other and for OTHERS will impact the atmosphere around them as they continue to grow together. 


We love you Nina & Nino - Hastaloha for now.... 


Warm Hugs,