Cake Smashes & Imperfections.


How in the world do I have an almost ONE year old baby! Guys... Time really does go by fast.

I know people say this. And let's get honest for a second -- when you're a new parent and people tell you this, in the back of your mind you're like "Oh no, that's not going to happen to me." (Ha!) 

Then you wake up one morning and your precious bloob of infant (yes bloob. It's a cross between blob and boob) unveils their beautiful unique personality in their very own little person hood and it hits you!

ONE YEAR guys.... Dang. (Let's slow it down just a little please).

Like any ambitious new parent with great photography gear I set out to have a cake smash session for my daughter. Because yes- who wouldn't love to have really pretty photos of their baby making a huge mess right? The hilarious part is that I was like "Oh, yeah. I can do this by MYSELF." Ha! No! I am SO glad that my amazing Mother-in-law was available to help me. She's the best & always my life-saver in these lofty expectations of mine. 

I decided that I wanted to bake Aria a healthy cake. You know because cake right? So I used Pintrest to find the best recipe & found one super easy + fast! It's an apple & banana cake using applesauce topped with a cream cheese + greek yogurt icing. LOVED IT. It tasted kind of like fall and was kind of like breakfast; two of my own personal favorites. Texture wise it was super dense and my husband was concerned that Aria wouldn't be able to actually smash it. What she did was even better than that in my opinion. 


So, we arrive at the park and I set up everything, my mother in law and I try to get Aria interested in smashing her cake... Nope. She wasn't having it ---at all! She was more interested in the decor & running around. After a few attempts of trying my hardest to get her to focus on the cake, I ended up just letting her be. 

It wasn't too long after that as we started cleaning up a bit that she went for it. And the very first thing that she did was completely tip it off of the plate that it was sitting on! My husband's concerns about her smashing the cake were not even a factor as she demolished each layer and walked around eating the cake! Woo! 

One-year-cake-smash-boho-park-floral-san-diego (69 of 234).jpg

This got me thinking--- Life with Aria has followed this pattern. Since discovering that we were pregnant with her I set out with well-intention to purposed to create a beautiful life for her. I did this while pregnant by eating right, keeping my stress levels down and pursuing my faith. As her due date approached I tried to plan meticulously outlines of what her birth could look like & tried my hardest to be prepared for what happened. (I wasn't & she came when she was ready). When she was born & we brought her home those first few nights I realized very quickly that she liked to vocalize her likes and dislikes very clearly. You knew when she didn't like something. As she's grown it is very apparent that my little girl does not like to be pushed into anything (wonder where she gets that from). Instead - Aria, likes to venture out on her own. Now our faith has everything to do with the way that we choose to parent her. We know that God made her very strong, we believe that he's given her a very authoritative, leadership personality but she's also gentle and sensitive. We want to nurture and disciple her as she grows to understand how these can be used as strength but also where there is sometimes weakness in this. We also know--- I am very much diving into a deeper understanding of this each day--- that we may with very well intentions want to create a dream life for Aria, but God has one that's even better & to give her freedom -- and to remain patient and trusting in God is everything.

I cannot believe how much of a treasure it is to be a Mom. I pray that I don't ever loose sight of that & that lessons from the ONE year continue shaping us. 

One year guys... My life has radically looked different for a whole year & there's nothing that I did to gain this change...


Man... so amazing.


What an honor & a gift!