The Carbajal Family | Marian Bear Park, San Diego

"Adventure is out There" - Up


Oh my goodness guys!! A few weeks ago I got to meet up with a family that I’ve been photographing for the last couple of years – The Carbajals. If you’ve been following along in this photography journey of mine you’ll recognize their friendly faces. Guys! The Carbajal family are total ideal clients! They are such incredible humans, I absolutely LOVE how much wonderful goodness happens in our sessions together. #sepdreamies - for life. Each of our sessions have been filled with silliness & laughter, sweet snuggle-time-loveiness, and unexpected adventure.

We planned their recent session at the gorgeous Marian Bear Park, right here in San Diego. What a perfect backdrop for an unexpected adventure. We were excited about choosing golden hour and just as we had anticipated that evening provided the golden hour sunlit magic from the setting sun. As we started down the trail we came to an unexpected and thoroughly yucky obstacle - a pool of stagnant stinky water blocking our path to the meadow we could all see just up ahead.

I turned around with a half-smile and asked Darrell, Katie, Derek & Ava if they wanted to turn back & their responses were incredible. "Let's do it, it's going to be so great!" AMAZING! There is nothing more encouraging as a photographer than to be with clients who totally trust you! Another dreamie moment for me.


And Guys!!! As Darrell and Katie led their littles across the rock path over the water and started photographing, before my eyes without even knowing it, I was recording a moment that tells an even bigger story! As I started editing the photo of Darrell leading Derek across tears fell down my face. I stopped and sent a text to Katie, I just HAD to share with her how much my heart was reminded that God totally leads us this way. He challenges us to bravely push forward hand in hand with him.

WHATTT, SO AMAZING!!! It’s my job to capture these kinds of moments for years to come; it’s an incredible honor to get to share these stories! One day when Derek and Ava are older they will look back on these photos and hopefully be transported to this time when we crossed over the yucky water together. And even remembering the legacy passed down to them from their Mom and Dad - and I’m crying again.

family-portraits-spring-marian-bear-park-san-diego-golden-hour (51 of 87).jpg
family-portraits-spring-marian-bear-park-san-diego-golden-hour (77 of 87).jpg

This session is one for the books - There was so much freedom who we are & that my friends is what makes an amazing epic family session. And of course -silly faces also are what make for epic family sessions.... And the Carbajal family take the cake on silly faces!!! 

Until next time friends.....

Warm Hugs,