Andrew & Elsa | Engagement Session, Coronado Beach, CA + Old Poway Park, Poway, CA

One More SLEEP

GUYS!!!! These two lovebirds are getting married tomorrow!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!! So, tonight will be the very last night they will have to say goodbye to each other and head to separate homes. 


I remember this being the very thing that my husband and I looked forward to most during our engagement. I was so excited when I headed to bed that night... I couldn't seem to bring myself to get to bed.. But I had a loving BFF who had to literally take my hands off of my computer keyboard and send me to sleep at around 1 am. Elsa & Andrew get some sleep tonight - and if you can't bring yourself to the point of heading to bed... Let your Maid of Honor or Best Man, pick you up and go tuck you in ;). 

If you are following along on the blog - you're about to see a whole lot of mushy lovey wonderfulness for the next few months as wedding season is now upon us! WOOOOO! That makes this hopeless romantics heart flutter a few flitters. I cannot wait to see Elsa tomorrow in her wedding gown I'm going to cry, it's inevitable (I'm already tearing up now.).. but I know I won't be alone as I shed the happiest of tears! Andrew, I can't wait to see the look on your face as you see Elsa walking down the aisle to you!! EEEEEE!!! It's going to be amazing. 

For now, we'll have to keep imagining until tomorrow comes... But as you wait tonight and tomorrow morning, I hope that you both take a few moments to let this all sink in, and that you both take some time to savor your love story.

It's beautiful....


 Full of transformation.... and the best kind of romance.

I couldn't be more excited for you both!

Here's some photos from your engagement sessions for you to reminiscence and enjoy.



Your Engagement Session Part 1 | Coronado, California 

I love that we spent time walking around the island of Coronado together. I loved hearing all about your love story. Andrew, it was so sweet to hear how you chose to propose to your woman surrounded by family at the Hotel Del Coronado. Elsa it was so beautiful to me that you had a unique vision to re-create your first date and the first moment you met at the Tavern, which just happened to be walking distance from the hotel. I know you both had your concerns for how your session was going to be - but I'm so thankful you trusted me and bravely walked around with me that night! 


Your Engagement Session Part 2 | Old Poway Park, California

This session with you two was absolutely INCREDIBLE. There were no walls! You both came alive with each other in front of the camera and your love was so visible! I love that we laughed almost the entire time, I felt like I truly got to know you both. You both looked stunning in your outfits and you brought out the best in each other. Complimenting the other with the uniqueness of your own person. I don't know if it was because this was your second session, or if it was due to how excited you both were that your wedding was only two months away, but I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to document your love for each other and your individual confidence. This session makes me SO excited for tomorrow!!!! 

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