Marissa & Noellie, Mommy & Me | Balboa Park, San Diego

Last Wednesday, I spent the morning walking around beautiful Balboa park with one of the most beautiful Mama's I know....My best friend Marissa and her little sweetie pie daughter Noellie.... 




....And Guys......

 I'm smitten!!!!!!!


I mean come on how can you not be? Look at her little cutie pie expression as she's peeking around her mama to laugh at me! Geezzzz..... #allthefeels 

Don't worry there's more cuteness on it's way! (psst... I won't judge you if you skip ahead ;))


Marissa came home to San Diego to visit family & friends (that's me!) and she let me know ahead of time that she wanted to spend some time taking photos with her baby girl to celebrate her very FIRST mother's day! 

Our time in Balboa Park was full of so much beauty! I loved seeing Marissa light up when Noellie smiled and cooed in the San Diego sunshine. "She likes it here. Do you like the sunshine mama?". Marissa kept asking her. OOOOOO!!! It was so sweet! I wish I could've bottled up the sweetness between them. 

We came across the most beautiful blooms as we walked around and were surprised by the beautiful wildflowers surrounding the front of the lily pond.

Guys! Springtime + flowers + Mommies + Babies = Swooning Sophia!! Plus that beautiful San Diego sunshine provided the most gorgeous lighting! Ah! I can't stop gushing about this session. I loved every minute of it and I absolutely LOVE celebrating the incredible new season of Motherhood with Marissa! Share this blog with a mama who needs this in her life ;) Or better yet book a session for her as a Mother's Day gift! 

And then your bestie takes your camera and hands you her baby!



Warm Hugs,