Bringing Home Baby a Lifestyle Session | Bessey Family

One of the greatest honors my clients have given me as a photographer has been to be invited to photograph a brand new baby.

Most families do not allow tons of visitors into their home during the first few months that they bring home baby and there are various reasons why. But one of the most important one is that the immediate family desires time to bond with the new baby. 

The Bessey Family invited me to come and photograph them as they wanted to remember forever the first few weeks at home with baby Alden, and it was amazing! 

I was met with sleepy but smiling faces that glowed from the joy they shared in getting to know their newest love.  Brooke & Shane shared tender, love-filled glances at each other reminiscent to their first weeks home with their daughter Ayla. They doted on Alden & Ayla in a beautiful balance as we moved through our session. It was a beautiful sight to behold, effortless & full of all that good mushy stuff. 

Ayla was so excited to share all that she had been experiencing in her new role as a Big Sister. She spent some time reading one of her books about being a big sister aloud on her daddy's lap.  She was filled with devotion & pride when she got to hold her little baby brother. And she was eager to help her mommy & daddy in anyway she could with him. 

And Alden... 

The sweetest of deep blue eyes on a babe you ever did see

Sweet little furrowed brow 

Expressions that hit you in the feels

And that newborn baby cry... 


Needless to say Bessey Family-- I think Alden has ignited a sweet little fire that people like to call baby fever... Especially seeing how incredible of a big sister Ayla is.

Thank you for letting me meet your little guy & be with your family to witness all of the sweet goodness happening in your home. 

Love to you-