We Love You Already | Showered with Love.

January 30th 2016.

Our friends threw us the sweetest couple's shower last month to celebrate the soon arrival of our sweet girl Aria. 

We were surrounded by close friends from all different stages of life and all of our family. Which for us (if you know my story) is so special. Those who attended were so thoughtful. I had some pretty sweet moments crying happy tears, getting to even include those who could not be there. 

It was so beautiful to be surrounded by so many people we love and who love us. Man did we feel it. 

Our wonderful hostesses pulled off the vision we had for our daughter's first celebration to PERFECTION! The decor, the food, the games, everything was amazing. 

We were both so happy to see everyone we spent majority of our time away from each other soaking in conversation with so many. We both were talking so much we only grazed!!! 

We wished we could've connected so much more with each person there. Randy put it best when the day ended and we were getting ready for bed "The only thing that sucks about a big event like that is that we don't get the opportunity to have intimate conversations with every person. "

Thank you to everyone who attended and to those who were there with us in spirit!

We are so thankful that you all love our little Aria already.

Only 25 more days (give or take)!!!! 


Photography by the lovely Samantha Lamping


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