Haiti & SE photography

We're going to Haiti.


Why? Because there's a great story to be told.

Want to know more? Head over to our GOFUNDME page to read the ins and outs of why we're going. AND stay in touch with us through our SEMAIL group to get the most recent updates!

We're raising $2750.00 for the trip & we need your help... Don't worry we've thought up some creative ways for you give and gain.


We are going to offer $40.00 Mini Sessions for the following dates:

July 11th

August 9th

September 5th

September 12th

The limited per date is 3 sessions each day. Book with us now to reserve your spot. 

If you're interested in booking a session on a different date please contact us for more information. 


We are selling bracelets from Haiti! They are hand crafted by the families we'll be working with while there, and their only $10 each. Contact us if you're interested in purchasing one or two ;). 

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