An August Wedding (Kaley & Sedrick)

I'm always amazed at opportunities that photography has given me to get to know people better. I met Kaley around four years ago when I roomed with some of her college friends & then we met up again a year ago when our mutual friend was her roomate. What a small small world we live in. Kaley & I were bridesmaids in that same friend's wedding & while out wedding planning with her (operation yellow daffodil) it just so happened we started talking about Kaley's upcoming wedding. It was only a month later that I sat down with Kaley & Sedrick at a local coffee shop to review their engagement photos we had shot a couple weeks before. I was so inspired by them in that moment & began to grow with anticipation for their wedding day. 

Sure enough.... those four months flew by and it was August 7th. A beautiful Friday morning. My second photographer Sylvia, should up at my house to pack gear and head off to the house where all of the ladies were preparing. We were greeted by some big smiles from family and friends; and our radiant bride Kaley. 

I headed to Balboa Park with the ladies & Sylvia went to spend some time with the guys as they prepared. Kaley's gorgeous dress fit her like a glove, and her dreadlocked adorned head magnificently embodied her style, beauty & elegance. Her ladies were dressed in custom designed African dresses each in different colors with different backs. Their friendships and love for Kaley shown through every smile & laugh with her. 

Meanwhile Sylvia spent some time with Sedrick & the guys. Sedrick was surrounded by his closest friends & family. Most of them had flown in to San Diego to stand by his side. Soon, Sedrick & his crew arrived at Balboa park where I met them in front of the art museum for some quick photos before the big moment. 

And the moment came... 

It was beautiful. So full of joy, laughter and tears.When Kaley turned the corner and walked in both her and Sedrick were beaming; halfway down the isle Kaley lost it. Her moment of tears made us all fill with such excitement for them both. 

Their hand written vows were weighty and extraordinary. They told of the wait that they had experienced and how meeting each other for the first time changed their worlds. They spoke boldly to everyone witnessing about the person they were standing in front of,  even thanking them for standing by them through their lives. Their promises to each other were uplifting and inspiring for all of us to hear. Pure magic. 

The couple took communion together and before they were sent off down the isle, both of their fathers prayed over them. It was a powerful moment in which you didn't need to know the language to understand what was being imparted to them. 

And then... they were pronounced husband and wife! In true KSED fashion they danced down the isle together. 

After lots of hugs and congratulations to the happy couple we retreated into balboa park for some family photos and portraits. 

Then it was off to the reception. Where the food was amazing, there were choreographed dances and outfit changes and the party lasted until 2 am! 

To Kaley & Sedrick. Thank you for letting us be there with you through every moment of your first adventure-filled day together as fiances to husband and wife!  We feel so honored to have gotten to know you both and be a part of your wedding. And Sylvia and I had a blast dancing into the wee hours of the morning with you and your guests!

To the bridal party! I cannot thank you all enough for being there to support Kaley & Sedrick, and to help us capture what they wanted for their special day! You guys rock! And to all of the ladies who were helpful to me above and beyond, (you know who you are), THANK YOU!!! 

To the big beautiful family of Kaley & Sedrick. What a gift you all are! I thank each of you for bearing with me through the family photos! They came out wonderfully & I can't wait to share them with you all! (Please shoot me a quick email with your name & relation so that I can send you the password to the site.)

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Congratulations again Kaley & Sedrick! May your life together be filled with abundant laughter & joy in every season!!


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