Updates... and happenings this October. 

I wanted to take this time to make a few announcements. For those of you who have followed along this year we had planned on traveling to Haiti this month to work with a great organization called Papillon Enterprise. 

We are no longer going to be traveling to Haiti due to a very important announcement....

  We're EXPECTING!!!!!! 

Our little pumpkin is due March 2016 & we are so excited!!!! We get to announce who our little one will be (boy or girl) OCTOBER 31st & we've got a great plan to share with all of you. 

Because we will not be heading to Haiti this year, we are still stoked to present an opportunity for you to donate to the awesome work that Papillon Enterprise is doing within the city of Port-Au-Prince. 

We are helping sell their hand-made jewelry where all funding will go DIRECTLY to their benefit. 

Each Bracelet is handmade using recyclable materials by Haitian employees of Papillon Enterprise. This is their livelihood. They work each day to keep their families together and assist in the communities rebuilding. The bracelet you will receive will have a story connected to it. 

These Bracelets sell for $5.00 each & will be available for the next two weeks. 

Up to 10 bracelets can be shipped to your address for a shipping fee of +$5.00.  

SAN DIEGO COUNTY: The bracelets will be available for pick-ups on the following dates & times. OCTOBER 26th & 27th from 11am-8pm. & November 2nd & 3rd 11am-8pm. (PLEASE EMAIL searaconteur@gmail.com for purchase information.)

For more information on what these sales will assist fund please visit. 


THANK YOU FOR your support!!!! We look forward to sharing more updates with you very soon!!!

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