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That you're a marvel.

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Your life and your story are worth all the care in the world.


It is the honor of my life to hold your life's greatest treasures in place.

To watch time stand still even if

for a moment with you.

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Sophia Elizabeth Photography TM - San Diego Wedding Photographer - Southern California Weddings - San Diego Family Photography - San Diego Birth Photographer

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Love stories. Legacies. life.

My husband is my best friend - I choose him everyday. My daughter is my sweetheart, and a miracle I still can't believe I got to carry within my being. I'm passionate about faith and God's unrelenting fierce pursuit of me still astounds me. I feel most at home when there's coffee brewing and am being serenaded by Ella or Louis ' timeless vocals. My soul comes alive when I get to witness sweet exchanges between two people utterly in love. CELEBRATING is my favorite. And on any given day you can catch me singing along to one of the hundreds of Disney songs forever a part of my brain ;) So how did I end up choosing photography? Click the link below to hear more of my story. 


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